Our Brands

frozenimage_5chtThis is a partial list of common brands requested.  Please contact us or come in for more information regarding purchasing  natural and Minnesota grown foods of a specific brand.

Download a PDF List: Brand List

Herbal Supplements:

  • Herb Pharm
  • Carlson Labs
  • Natrol
  • Twin Lab
  • North American Herb & Spice
  • Boiron
  • Boericke & Tafel
  • Nature’s Answer
  • Barleans
  • Flora
  • Kyolic
  • Green Pastures
  • Wilderness Family Naturals
  • Hylands
  • Quantum
  • Natures Way
  • American Health
  • Herbs for Kids

Bulk Spices from Frontier Natural  120+spices

Wide variety of Gluten Free Baking mixes and flours

Common Brands Requested:
Aldens Ferndale
Alvarado Bakery Food For Life
Amy’s French Meadow
Applegate Morning Star
Bob’s Mighty Tasty Organic Valley
Brown Cow Pasture A Plenty
Brunkow Prairie Gold
Cascadian Farms Rudi’s
Cedar Summit Farms Stoney Field
Coconut Bliss Thousand Hills
Earth Balance Tinkyada


 Brand List Key:
 OG: Certified Organic  


Brand Product Description OG
Acerola Supplement, Berry Extract
Aldens Ice Cream Butter Brittle OG
Aldens Ice Cream Chocolate Chocolate Chip OG
Aldens Ice Cream Mint OG
Aldens Ice Cream Peanut Butter N Chip OG
Aldens Ice Cream Strawberry OG
Aldens Ice Cream Vanilla OG
Alvarado Bakery Bagels Sprouted Wheat OG
Alvarado Bakery Bagels Sprouted Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin OG
Alvarado Bakery Bread Sprouted Multi Grain OG
Amy’s Burrito Cheese OG
Amy’s Burrito OG
Applegate Hot Dogs Beef
Applegate Pepperoni Sliced
Applegate Turkey Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast
Applegate Turkey Bacon
Bakers Choice Flour OG
Bob’s Mighty Tasty Cereal
Bob’s Mighty Tasty Cereal, Scottish Oatmeal
Braeburn Apples OG
Brown Cow Yogurt OG
Brunkow Cheese – Pasteurized Colby Jack
Brunkow Cheese – Pasteurized American
Brunkow Cheese – Raw Montery Jack
Brunkow Cheese – Raw Colby
Brunkow Cheese – Raw Mild Cheddar
Bubbies Sauerkraut
Cascadian Farms Fruit Strawberries OG
Cascadian Farms Fruit Harvestberries OG
Cascadian Farms Fruit Raspberries OG
Cascadian Farms Fruit Cherries OG
Cascadian Farms Juice – Concentrate Cranberry OG
Cascadian Farms Juice – Concentrate Grape OG
Cascadian Farms Juice – Concentrate Lemonade OG
Cedar Summit Farms Heavy Cream
Cedar Summit Farms Milk
Coconut Bliss Pineapple OG
Coconut Bliss Vanilla OG
Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate Bars OG
Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut Bars OG
Earth Balance Buttery Spread
Earth Balance Shortening
Farmers Creamery Cheese Cottage Cheese OG
Farmers Creamery Sour Cream OG
Ferndale Turkey Ground
Ferndale Turkey Whole
Food For Life Bread Brown Rice OG
Food For Life Bread – Ezekial 4:9 White OG
Food For Life Bread – Ezekial 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin OG
Food For Life English Muffins – Ezekial 4:9 OG
French Meadow Bread Summer OG
French Meadow Tortillas OG
French Meadow Tortillas Fat Flush OG
Fugi Apples OG
Galaxy Cheese Rice
Giusto Flour, Fine White Rice
Groats Grain, Buckwheat OG
Groats Grain, Oats OG
Heartland Flour, All Purpose White OG
Hope Creamery Butter OG
Julie’s Ice Cream Bars OG
Julie’s Ice Cream Sandwhich OG
Kasha Cereal, Buckwheat OG
Ling Ling Chinese Potstickers
Ling Ling Chinese Spring Rolls
Maxi Milk Chocolate Chips
Moon Rising Organics Ravioli Basil, Asiago, Pinenuts
Morning Star Cheese Cheddar
Morning Star Cheese Gouda
Morning Star Cheese Juusto
Morning Star Cheese Ricotta
Nat Process Cocoa
Natural Sea Fish Cod Fillet
Nature’s Highlights Pizza Crust – 2 Pack
One Sun Pizza – 1 Pack Cheese OG
One Sun Pizza – 2 Pack Whole Wheat Crusts OG
Organic Valley Butter OG
Organic Valley Cheese Cream Cheese OG
Organic Valley Cheese Feta OG
Pasture A Plenty Pork Andouilli Sausage
Pasture A Plenty Pork Bacon/Smoked
Pasture A Plenty Pork Bratwurst, Wild Rice OG
Pasture A Plenty Pork Bratwurst/Fresh
Pasture A Plenty Pork Bratwurst/Smoked
Pasture A Plenty Pork Breakfast Links/Fresh
Pasture A Plenty Pork Breakfast Links/Smoked
Pasture A Plenty Pork Chops, Bone in Loin
Pasture A Plenty Pork Chorizo/Links
Pasture A Plenty Pork Fat
Pasture A Plenty Pork Ground
Pasture A Plenty Pork Ground/Mild Italian
Pasture A Plenty Pork Ham
Pasture A Plenty Pork Ham, Sliced
Pasture A Plenty Pork Lard, Rendered
Pasture A Plenty Pork Polish Sausage
Pasture A Plenty Pork Wieners/smoked
Pohonka Pancake Mix OG
Prairie Gold Flour, Whole Wheat
Prairie Gold Grain, Wheat Berries
Pure Dutch Cocoa
Rice Dream Milk Beverage
Rio Star Grapefruit OG
Rudi’s Bread Whole Wheat OG
Rudi’s Buns Hamburger, Whole Wheat OG
Rudi’s Rolls Hot Dog, Whole Wheat OG
Rudi’s Spelt Ancient Grain OG
Rumford Baking Powder
Shelton Turkey Sausage Breakfast Patties
SnoPac Juice – Concentrate Applie OG
SnoPac Juice – Concentrate Orange OG
SnoPac Vegetable Green Beans OG
SnoPac Vegetable Corn OG
SnoPac Vegetable Peas OG
SnoPac Vegetable Broccoli OG
SnoPac Vegetable Mixed OG
South River Miso
Sterling Heights Cheese – Raw Cheddar, Goat
Stoney Field Yogurt OG
Sunspire Snack, Peanut Sundrops
Swan Bee Honey
Swany White Flour, All Purpose OG
Swany White Pancake Mix OG
Thousand Hills Beef Ground
Thousand Hills Beef Rib Eye Steak
Thousand Hills Beef Roast/Boneless
Thousand Hills Beef Summer Sausage
Thousand Hills Beef Wieners/All Beef
Tinkyada Pasta, Penne Rigate Brown Rice
Tinkyada Pasta, Spiral Brown Rice
Valley View Cheese – Pasteurized Cheddar
Valley View Cheese – Pasteurized Colby
Vital Flour, Wheat Gluten
Wymanns Frozen, Blueberries