It’s not just your mother that wants to hear from you. We do too :)

Mom and Dad SelfieThank you for being a part of Dan and Becky’s Market local food community!  We are excited for the year ahead with all of its possibilities and we hope you are too.

The farm we live and work on has been in our family for 4 generations and it’s because of your support that this tradition is able to continue.  The old silo parked beside our store is a frequent reminder of the local food tradition we come from. It was built by Becky’s grandfather many years ago and is a symbol of family farming practices from our past and we hope, our future.

We believe food is more than a commodity, it is a major part of forming a meaningful community.  Our goal when opening our store was to create a platform for the selling of quality local food and products produced by families throughout our region.  We see those goals being achieved daily in various ways and that is really exciting, but we aren’t there quite yet.  We need your help.

One thing that has become obvious since opening Dan and Becky’s Market is that we are not in this endeavour alone. We are surrounded by people that care about having access to quality local food just as much as we do.  Your input is incredibly valuable to us.  We have heard from many of you over the years through conversations that happen spontaneously while shopping in our store, however, we know that it’s not always possible to give feedback while meeting the demands of daily life.  So, if you have a moment, please send helpful suggestions that will allow us to serve you better, via Facebook or the Contact Us section of our website.  And as always, please don’t be afraid to bring things to our attention when visiting our market.  We love to hear from you.

Happy New Year Everyone!  We hope to see you soon.

silo pic