Cows, Chickens and a Church

As always, the past year has left us with plenty to reflect on and even more to look forward to.  One recent highlight for our family this year was spending our Christmas Eve here…in an old church that once stood on a hill north of Cokato over-looking farmyards and pasture.  Fourteen years ago we decided to move this building to our property in order to save it from being destroyed. It now sits overlooking our pasture and is a symbol of rural life and community from ages past.

Over the last few months the interior has been receiving a make-over, so Christmas Eve dinner was the perfect opportunity to enjoy this space in its restored state.  It leaves us wondering what the future might hold for this century plus old church.  Feel free to take a peek the next time you stop by.  Just ask Dan or Becky for a tour.

Running a store while also raising cows/chickens and growing different produce is a challenge, but it is one we enjoy.  When we started our store 13 years ago, the hope was that it would fulfill a need in the community and provide us a living.  It has done both and we are thankful for that.  Every time you come through our door; every purchase and interaction represents this community of shared ideas and goals to heal the land and provide clean food.  Thank you once again for joining us on this journey!

Finally, with the Christmas season ending and the beginning of a new year upon us,  what better way to look ahead than with a quote from Farmer/Author Wendell Berry 🙂

“The Gospel (Good news) is a summons to peace, calling for justice beyond anger, mercy beyond justice, forgiveness beyond mercy, love beyond forgiveness”.

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope to see you soon.