About Us

Dan and Becky’s Market began in 2003 out of the need for organic, bulk, and unique foods in the area. We were in a buying club that purchased food every two months and became aware of many like-minded families. What began as an idea to have a bulk foods store for local people became a home-extended business on our 10-acre farm.

storeoutsideBecky’s family has farmed this land for four generations, so it was no surprise when it became a multi-generational project to take down the old calf barn and construct the store in its place, of course keeping the silo as a reminder of what was once there. The dream has grown into a daily reality and has expanded to a full service grocery store, with an emphasis on local and organic or “clean” food.

Supplements and packaged foods are a small part of our inventory with the bulk of it being in “pantry” foods and fresh produce. Getting back into the kitchen to make real food and eating at the table with family and friends is a big part of our philosophy. Because shelf space is at a premium, although customers are surprised at how much we pack in, we can’t stock everything. If there is something we don’t have, we will gladly do our best to find what you need on a special order basis. We also operate a buying club in which customers place monthly orders and are then notified when their order has arrived at our store.

Because farming is also a part of our lives, you will see Becky feeding animals, gathering eggs, or picking fresh herbs out of the gardens for a customer (Dan is done with his chores long before the store opens). Life is more than full, and many times you will see our children and grandchildren around the store and farm visiting or helping out.

This dream has only been accomplished as a result of God’s blessings through the help of our four married children, their spouses, ten  grandchildren, and extended family and friends. We invite you to come and visit our family’s country store.